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The Art of Storytelling

Photography to me is a form of art. A photo on its own sends a message but a serie of photos built around a theme tells a story. Therefore, I like to work on projects wherein each photo is a chapter and all together form a story. The projects I undertake can be personal or commission based. Feel free to contact me and possible we can create a story together.

For Maastricht University, I show how life is as a student in Maastricht. All photos are shot in a raw and natural setting, street photography style.

© Brian Megens
Maastricht at Night


In the project ‘The Craft of Coffee’ I show the craftsmanship that goes into a good cup of coffee.

© Brian Megens
Craft of Coffee


For nine days I wandered around Kuala Lumpur for my project ‘Streets of Kuala Lumpur’ in which I covered several topics.

© Brian Megens
Street of Kuala Lumpur
© Brian Megens
Alliance of Chin Refugees (ACR) learning centre, Kuala Lumpur
© Brian Megens
The builders of Kuala Lumpur
© Brian Megens
Streets of Kuala Lumpur, Wet Markets
© Brian Megens
Streets of Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Alor


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