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Life at Sixday Rotterdam – Beautiful Imperfection

Capturing life during the Sixday Rotterdam. For more info on the project go to 'projects'

Street/Environmental Portraits

Portraits, shot during an event, assignment, or on the streets, all in a raw and natural setting.


Ranging from shoots for brands, magazines, and personal


Creating unique branding material by telling the story of your event. All shot street photography style in a raw and natural setting.

Pro Sports

Showing the beauty of professional sports by capturing raw moments

© Brian Megens

Street Photography

The streets, a natural and raw environment, a perfect representation of life. It is my passion to go out and shoot on the streets and by doing so, show life in all facets.

© Brian Megens

Photo Documentary: The Other Side of Palestine

To experience and capture life in the West Bank, Palestine. For the full story read the article under 'Projects'.

Photography Project: The Craft of Coffee

Capturing the craftsmanship in Coffee, from the coffee machine production to bean roasting and the brewing process. Exhibition: Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

© Brian Megens

Photo Documentary: Streets of Kuala Lumpur

Life in Kuala Lumper, Malasia. For the full story on the project go to 'projects'.

© Brian Megens

Businesses and Products

Tell the story of your business or product resulting in unique branding material. All shot street photography style in a raw and natural setting.

© Brian Megens

Night Photography

Unlike street photography wherein the focus is on people, in night photography the scene has the dominant role. However, people can give an extra touch to an already intriguing scene.

© Brian Megens

Land/City Scapes and Nature

There's so much in this world waiting to be discovered.

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