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Brian Megens

I am Brian Megens, born in 1990 and currently based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Pursuing my passion has brought me two years of experience as a professional cyclist and is now letting me into the world of photography. I see photography as a way to present life as a form of art within the margin a camera gives me. Raw street photography and environmental portraits is where I specialise in. Making people see the beauty in things that often pass by unnoticed, tell underrepresented stories through images, and shoot in raw and natural settings are characteristics that embody my photography. By going out to with my camera I pursue development of myself as a photographer and human being. Feel free to contact me, and possibly we can cooperate in the future! Besides my portfolio you can also follow me on my social media accounts here and here.


Contact Information

Brian Megens Photography
Grote Gracht 54C04
6211SX Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel. +31627493709
KvK Nr. 62263404