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Life at Sixday Rotterdam – Beautiful Imperfection

Capturing life during the Sixday Rotterdam. For more info on the project go to 'projects'

Street/Environmental Portraits

Portraits, shot during an event, assignment, or on the streets, all in a raw and natural setting.


Ranging from shoots for brands, magazines, and personal


Creating unique branding material by telling the story of your event. All shot street photography style in a raw and natural setting.

Pro Sports

Showing the beauty of professional sports by capturing raw moments

Photography Project: The Craft of Coffee

Capturing the craftsmanship in Coffee, from the coffee machine production to bean roasting and the brewing process. Exhibition: Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

© Brian Megens

Photo Documentary: Streets of Kuala Lumpur

Life in Kuala Lumper, Malasia. For the full story on the project go to 'projects'.

© Brian Megens

Businesses and Products

Tell the story of your business or product resulting in unique branding material. All shot street photography style in a raw and natural setting.

© Brian Megens

Land/City Scapes and Nature

There's so much in this world waiting to be discovered.

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