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Maastricht University Master’s Open Day March 2015 Poster

Yesterday, I was cycling back to Maastricht from a photography assignment around midday. I passed by this poster and immediately the picture popped up in my head. Besides being a photographer, I am also a student at the Maastricht University and I work for the university as a social media reporter. As I needed images to promote the Master’s Open Day, this was just perfect. I came back later that day when the sun was going down so the lighting was perfect for the photo. I am sharing this photo not for promotional purposes but because I am satisfied with the result. The reason for it is two folded. First, I am happy with how the lighting turned out, especially with the cyclist popping up in the background. Second, if you look at the poster you can actually see the same view as in the background of the picture but from a different angle an effect which gives the picture an extra dimension. I know the colours of the traffic signs are a bit harsh but I do not want to overdo the picture in photoshop, therefore, I left it the way it is.

Maastricht Master's Open Day March 2015

© Brian Megens

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