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People of Maastricht, the Native American

To me street photography is one of the purest forms of photography. It is you, your camera and the streets. It is one of the hardest and easiest forms of photography at the same time. Hard as you have to act immediately and deal with the situation, setting and lighting as given to you. However, these limitations force you to get creative, bringing your photography to the next level, and as you get better in mastering these situations you’ll find that there is so much beauty to discover on the streets that it’s almost easy, just almost then. Today I bumped into Gérard Purnot aka the Native American of Maastricht, I asked him of I could take a picture and after a positive response and 30 seconds later we were done with this as a result.

People of Maastricht, the Native American

I am excited to announce that in the upcoming weeks I hope to meet more interesting people and experience a new culture as I will hit the streets in Kuala Lumpur and the Philippines! Keep following the blog to stay updated!

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