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Photo Documentary: The Other Side of Palestine

To experience and capture life in the West Bank, Palestine. For the full story read the article under 'Projects'.

Reem 7 yrs, born and raised in Aida Camp, lives 30 meter away from the wall.
Maria 8 yrs, sister of Reem in the Musicians Without Borders class.
A man wearing the Kufiya on the streets of Ramallah.
A farmer working on the land, in a village close to Hebron.
Malek, a student in computer technology at Birzeit University.
The Kufiya, often worn by respected old man.
Ramallah Sunset
Nahwand, a MA Media studies student at Birzeit University.
Settlers walking the streets with M-16 weapons in the city centre of Hebron.
Saad, a Palestinian in Jerusalem
A Jewish man on his way to the Wailing Wall.
Streets of Jerusalem
Jewish kid on the Jewish Market, Jerusalem

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