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Street Photography

The streets, a natural and raw environment, a perfect representation of life. It is my passion to go out and shoot on the streets and by doing so, show life in all facets.

Musti Döner Kebab, feeding the hungry in Maastricht, day and night.
Streets of Kuala Lumpur, Wet Markets
Streets of Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Alor.
Playing the Saxophone at Rotterdam Central Station
Feeding the Pigeons
Taking the train in the Netherlands.
Socialising 2.0 The New Generation
La Batte, Sunday Market Liège
Taal Volcano
Old City Jerusalem by Night
The Cortège and Gérard Purnot, the Native-American of Maastricht

Contact Information

Brian Megens Photography
Grote Gracht 54C04
6211SX Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel. +31627493709
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