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Pure Palestine

During my photography project ‘The Other Side of Palestine’ I got intrigued with the Kufiya which is known in the West as the ‘Arafat scarf’. In short, Chinese production forced all but one factory out of business in Palestine. I went to the factory to capture the craft of the Kufiya and I fell in love with these beautiful products. I decided to start Pure Palestine a social entrepreneurship which aims at providing the original Hirbawi Kufiya to the people in Europe. By doing so, local production is supported, but maybe more importantly, people get something positive from Palestine which hopefully helps a little in humanising the country and its people.

During PechaKucha Maastricht Vol.29 I talked about my project:

With Pure Palestine I am currently working with a small team on the project and we are setting up a website which not only sells the Kufiya’s but tells the whole story and history of it with special attention for the current state of production which comes down to the craftsmanship of the last standing Kufiya factory in Palestine. Currently, I am doing to photoshoots, which of course as a photographer are awesome to do! Here’s a sneak peek:

Kufiya Classic Fashion Style
Kufiya Classic Fashion Style


© Pure Palestine
Kufiya Urban Retro Fashion Style

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