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In today’s world social media dominates the internet making it an essential part of our daily professional and private life. This gives unique opportunities for branding your company, event or product, distinguishing yourself from the rest of the market. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have representation through high quality images that tell the unique story of your company, event or product. I make this story by using my passion for photo documentary and street photography, creating unique branding shot in a raw and natural setting. I work together with my clients from concept to end result, aiming at exceeding expectations with work that triggers, moves and inspires. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wishes regarding photography assignments, or if you like to order a photo print.

With optimism,
Brian Megens

Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel: +31627493709
KvK Nr. 75365561

© Brian Megens
Walking into the Night

Clients I worked for include among others:


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Brian Megens Photography
Grote Gracht 54C04
6211SX Maastricht, Netherlands
Tel. +31627493709
KvK Nr. 62263404